Diversity / Gender Equality

Diversity and Gender Equality

inspire AG is committed to gender equality and equal opportunities in all matters and supports diversity issues. inspire AG is convinced that, in addition to the fairness that is actually a must, this also improves team spirit and teamwork and, in general, professional coexistence. It is convinced that ultimately everyone benefits.

inspire is committed to achieving the best possible gender balance at all career levels, which is a challenging and long-term goal in the field of research and innovation in the area of production and manufacturing. It actively seeks to recruit young female engineers as research assistants or as doctoral students and tries to increase the proportion of women in management positions and strives to give women good visibility both internally and externally.

Furthermore, inspire AG promotes STEM subjects among young people by participating in the Swiss National Future Days (Zukunftstage) with the aim of increasing the interest of girls and young women in technical professions. For the same reason, inspire AG very much welcomes visits from high school classes.

inspire AG adheres the Gender Action Plan of the ETH, as it is closely connected to the ETH through its research groups. inspire AG follows this Gender Action Plan and implements the measures wherever possible.

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