Production ‒ processes & quality

Increased precision, machining quality and productivity of modern, ultrahard or difficult-to-machine materials

Additive Manufacturing ‒ 3D printing

Further development of manufacturing processes with which components are built layer by layer from a powder, liquid or wire

Construction materials - materials & properies

Development and characterisation of modern high-perfomance materials

Machines ‒ methods & concepts

Machine concepts and high-performance materials for modern energy and ressource efficient means of production

Industry 4.0 ‒ IoT & digitalisation

Industry 4.0 - Approaches to increase machine functionality, process, tool, and stock planning as well as product quality and availability

Products - development & design

Product develpment methods und -approaches for novel technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0


Technologies for increasing product and proces efficiencies, for the use of renewable energies and for the advancement of the circular economy

Industrial Robotics

In the field of robotics and factory automation, we are developing the future core technologies and platforms required for sophisticated I4.0 applications.